Several times Ford Mustang 1969 was launched with new specs and features and every time its demand was raised by every country, especially in India. Because the 7.0L engine is installed and the most popular variant of the Ford Mustang is the Boss 429. Ford Mustang 1969 Price in India is “INR 3 Million” to “INR 8 Million“. It’s an imported vehicle, not local production, and the price depends on the model and condition. The outer shape of every Mustang is outclassed because its outer shape gives look old but still beautiful. Further, basic specifications and features of the Ford Mustang Fastback 1969 are given.

Ford Mustang 1969 Price in India

In India, Ford Mustang 1969 is imported from another country and mostly comes in used condition. Lovers of this car looking Ford Mustang 1969 price in India second hand which is an approximate figure given.

Ford Mustang GT Price in India INR 7.5 Million
Ford Mustang Mach E Price in India INR 7 Million
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Price in India INR 6 Million
Ford Mustang Mach 1 Price in India INR 6.5 Million to 7 Million

Ford Mustang 1969 Interior

The interior design and style do not match up with the current type of car. It is made with elegant design and especially steering design and look is fabulous. Unique style leather seats which increase the comfort level during traveling inserted.

Ford Mustang 1969 Exterior

The outer look of the Form Mustang is attractive, especially the 1969 model. It comes in an old body but is still gorgeous and people-like. Round shape front headlight was installed while its front facelift does not match another same model car.

Ford Mustang Features
  • All variants come with manual transmission
  • Disc braking system installed
  • Only a single variant comes with a petrol engine.
  • Big size engine inserted like 7.0 Cc
  • Clock shape meter installed
  • It is fuel efficient.
  • 220 km is the top speed of this car.
  • It has two doors.
Ford Mustang 1969 Specifications
Ford Mustang 1969 How many Cc 7014 Cc
Horsepower 4,600 rpm
Fuel Average 8 to 10 KM
Gear System Manual
Is it petrol or Diesel? Both
Capacity of People 4 people

Ford Mustang 1969 Fuel Consumption

Due to the big engine, the fuel average of the Ford Mustang 1969 is around 8 to 10 km but if you drive on high then maybe the fuel average increases.

Ford Mustang 1969 Fuel Average 8 to 10 km

Ford Mustang 1969 Ground Clearance

This vehicle is just for motorway or highway driving not in northern and village areas. Further, 138mm is the ground clearance of the Ford Mustang 1969.

Ground Clearance 138mm

People can take John Wick Ford Mustang 1969 price in India. Ford Mustang is in high demand but its production is limited. At this time, the Ford Mustang 1969 is fabulous as compared to the latest model cars. Especially in India, its high-demand vehicle and the latest Ford Mustang 1969 Price in India come under discussion above.


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