Italian Base car manufacturer company Pagani now starts to import vehicles into India because of famous business personalities, and Bollywood celebrities like this brand vehicle. The latest model Pagani Huayra price in India 2023 is approx”INR 600 Million“. Pagani Huayra comes in 3 different variants like Huayra BC, Huayra Roadster, and Huayra Imola. In all variants, a 6000Cc engine is installed which is the most powerful but people ask if it is a hybrid that is not confirmed.

Pagani Huayra Price in India 2023

The most expensive vehicle name Pagani Huayra price is “INR 600 Million“. Officially this company does not operate in India but you can import. This model of Pagani company is much fabulous interior and exterior.

Pagani Huayra Price in India 2023 INR 600 Million

Pagani Huayra Specifications

Engine Displacement 6.0L
HP 791hp
Transmission Automatic
Cooling N/A
Torque 738Nm
Fuel Type Petrol
Seating Capacity 2
Gearbox N/A
How many cylinders 12

Pagani Huayra Top Speed

This is a sports car and definitely people ask about the top speed of the Pagani Huayra which is 385 KMPH. We can compare the top speed of this vehicle with Bugatti Chiron.

Top Speed 385 kmph
Pagani Huayra Engine

In all models of Huayra, the engine capacity is 6000Cc which is not hybrid technology because its fuel average is not too good.

Engine Displacement 6.0L

Pagani Huayra HP

Yes, a big-size engine has been installed in Pagani Huayra that produces 791hp.

Horsepower 791hp

Pagani Huayra All Models

A total of four variants come in Huayra and names are given. Engine power is the same but some specs are changed. Moreover, its prices depend on variants.

  • Huayra BC
  • Huayra Roadster
  • Huayra Imola

Pagani Huayra Fuel Tank Capacity

81 Liters fuel storage tank has been installed but if we discuss in gallons then its storage capacity is 19 Gallon.

Fuel Tank Size 81 Liters

Pagani Huayra Fuel Consumption

The fuel average of the Huayra is the same as Bugatti Chiron because both vehicles just travel 4 to 5 km under one liter of petrol. You cannot use regular petrol because its engine just consumes hi-octane.

Fuel Economy 4-5 KM

Pagani Huayra Ground Clearance

Huayra is not made for every type of road it just runs on specified roads where the speed breaker does not exist because its ground clearance is not good. Ground clearance is 3.3 inches {84mm}.

Ground Clearance 3.3 inches

Lovers of Pagani vehicles now can check Pagani Huayra Price in India 2023. Pagani Huayra interior and exterior is outstanding. Especially outer design manufacture with unique style. This company officially does not operate in India but you can import and then use.


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